Pricing information:

In 2019 all the months of 2019 except January, March, June and October are still available.

Get "earlybird" discounted rental rates particularly when you rent the entire calendar month at the monthly rate, and save thousands of dollars! Some months now available for a stay of only one week!

The AlohaPalace is usually rented out a year or more in advance so be sure to book your rental in the month and year of your choice asap, and if you need to, you will be able to change the month or even the year of your reservation later on if you need to if the month you wish is still available without any change of dates fee. You can get a complete refund if you cancel more than 60-days before the check-in date if you book via HomeAway. Honolulu homes can by law be rented only for a minimum term of 30 days regardless whether you actually stay that long and these 30-day rental periods must not overlap. The Rental Rate Quoting Feature of this portal is not designed to calculate properly the rental for homes such as the Palace located in a strictly residential area of Honolulu which must be rented most months for at least 14 nights of physical stay (entire month is preferred) because of the many expenses and costs of ownership and maintenance in top condition, but please inquire anyway. A rental request for occupancy for fewer than 14 nights may not be accepted at the published "nightly" rate which is usually only valid for rentals for at least 14 nights, and rental requests for an entire calendar month will usually take precedence over requests for a rental for a shorter term of actual physical stay but please do inquire anyway. Only because the owner has newly redesigned the rental rates information to only quote the nightly and the monthly rental rate this portal now quotes the correct price but only if you are sure to enter the entire month or exactly 14 nights as your desired stay, no other rental period, yet the owner will gladly rent his Palace for any number of nights (one week or 7 nights is the usual bare minimum stay however, because the minimum rental rate per month is about $10,000 to cover expenses so stay at least a week to get your money's worth. For rentals longer than 14 nights you can just add up the quoted cost of the first 14 nights for the given month plus the cost of the additional nights specified for that month in the "Rental Season" heading and add 14.962% Tax. The longer you stay, the less you pay for the additional nights beyond the minimum stay specified, and usually the longest rental request wins. There is no extra charge for up to 25 adults and/or kids accommodated at the Palace at any one time, who of course can arrive and depart at will, usual utilities.

Detailed renters guide (.pdf)